The Broadmead Board

The Broadmead Board is a public / private partnership which was set up in 1995 to manage Broadmead, with the overall aims of increasing the footfall into Broadmead and to fight back against the threat of The Mall. Currently, the most pressing aim is the Merchants Quarter £500 million development, ensuring this is completed to schedule and fully open by September 2008.

If you would like to contact us, our details are:

The Broadmead Board includes many key players, all of whom are committed to a great future for Broadmead.


However, whilst Bristol is recognised as the UK’s eighth largest city, our shopping facilities currently rank as 23rd, according to the retail research company Experian. Our vision is therefore to expand and transform Bristol’s retail heart into a city centre that befits our regional capital status, into one that we can all take pride in.

With innovative design, striking architecture and a strong, fashion-led tenant mix, the City Centre expansion is set to lift Bristol to 7th place in the UK retail hierarchy and will attract many of the country’s leading retailers into the city.

The new development will also create a more ‘liveable’ city centre, with over 250 new homes, restaurants, squares and open spaces – ensuring people will want to visit the centre long after the shops have closed.

Central Area
A breathtaking glass shell-shaped roof – the first of its kind in Europe – will cover the central area and much of the scheme’s three new streets.

Designed in conjunction with a leading artist, the roof creates a light, airy, open environment; whilst also providing protection from the elements. Beautiful, elegant and highly contemporary, this will be a unique feature of a lively city centre.

Quakers Friars
The restored Dominican friary buildings will be the focal point of a vibrant cosmopolitan public square featuring shops, restaurants and apartments.

Using architecture and materials that complement the historic setting, the new Quakers Friars will be a focus of stylish living and leisure.

Car Parking
The state-of-the-art car park, with over 2,600 spaces, will provide a direct link to the expansion via a curved pedestrian bridge, taking shoppers safely over Bond Street without encountering a single vehicle.