Setting the scene…

Broadmead, Bristol’s city centre retail area has one of the strongest and most prosperous catchments of any of Britain’s major regional cities.

Yet, any Bristol resident or visitor will tell you that Broadmead is currently a tired district that compares unfavourably with its major competitors and languishes in the second division of the retail hierarchy.

All this is set to change. The opening of the £500 million Broadmead Expansion due in 2008 will dramatically change the centre’s fortunes.

The Broadmead BID is focused on ensuring that the existing retail streets are refreshed and brought up to a standard that will allow retailers in existing stores to benefit from the improvements which will elevate the whole of Broadmead into the premier league.

The BID will…

Revitalise Broadmead, blending with the Broadmead Expansion to create a UK top 10 shopping centre of the highest quality and appeal
Sweep away the dated clutter
Refresh the streets with new store location signage, paving, lighting, distinctive street furniture and floral enhancements
Win more shoppers with high disposable income
Increase sales, with more visitors staying longer and spending more
Unlock major investment by property owners
Create a much needed voice for Broadmead retailers, ensuring that they are effectively represented during the BID construction period.