Your BID – Your Say

Following consultation with the retailers, the BID business plan outlines a range of specific, tangible and measurable benefits to transform the commercial performance of Broadmead.

Environmental improvements were undoubtedly seen as the overall priority by the Broadmead retailers. Thus the BID will focus on:

• New store location signage at entrance points
• Complete new suite of street furniture, including:
– Paving
– Seating
– Lighting
– Litter bins
– Kiosks/pavement shops
The provision of weather protection/canopies was identified as a long-term aspiration — also mentioned were:

• New street art & sculptures
• Creative use of trees and floral enhancements
• New quality structures for market traders
These have all been included in our overall master plan.

In developing our business plan, the BID team have evaluated the priority that the retailers gave each of these improvements, balancing technical, financial and environmental issues with value for money.

BID Store Managers’ Panel
In the build up to the BID we worked closely with a cross-section of store managers to ensure that the retailers’ views were taken into account when developing the detail of the BID proposal.

Following the success of this group we have now set up a BID store managers’ panel which will be an important sounding board during the implementation phase of the BID. The views of this group will feed directly into the steering group and influence the future of Broadmead.

The store managers’ panel meet every six weeks and a summary of the meetings can be found on the downloads section of this website.